Mariyam Dawood Group Health Care – Facing Up To the Challenge

January 21, 2019


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Mariyam Dawood Group Health Care

The biggest challenge facing group healthcare in the past few years has been the dramatic escalation in costs, due largely to the rising cost both of prescription drugs and of healthcare. This has forced every medical insurance agency Pittsburgh to raise premiums, and this in turn has meant that lots of companies have had to decrease their employee health benefits. Some areas, such as Pittsburgh PA, seem to be in the forefront of their fight back against these tendencies, by bringing in measures to achieve the best possible health effects together with maximum value for money. One not-for-profit organization leading these efforts is the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI). Though there are similar groups throughout the country, the PRHI is unique in incorporating businesses and employees from outside the medical care area, which enables it to bring in innovations from different regions of industry. One of them is your wellness home model of care, whereby the whole of a patient is attention from start to finish is coordinated by a designated doctor. This is already achieved at a number of the town’s health centers.

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This model of coordinated care is increasingly being viewed as the way ahead, and has been consumed by two of the largest healthcare insurers in the area. One of them, Highmark, has set up a large scale health home pilot project comprising about 150 suppliers of primary care, encouraging the suppliers to examine services outside themselves to improve coordination of patient care. The results are so encouraging that it is considering expanding the amount, even before the conclusion of the pilot. Meanwhile Pittsburgh’s other important insurer, UPMC Health Plan, has established its own wellness home program, which monitors recently discharged patients to ensure they are getting the follow up care that they need.  Pennsylvania is also from the lead in encouraging additional means of decreasing group medical insurance costs.

Healthy spouses are being encouraged to insure themselves separately, as it is been proven that this can be achieved more cheaply than under a family care program. Pennsylvania has also pioneered the Children’s Health Insurance Program, offering free or low cost coverage of children to parents residing in the state. Every health insurance Bureau is only too conscious of the problem to companies posed by the remorseless growth in medical care costs. It is becoming increasingly clear to those agencies that misuse of patient care has a significant role to play in bringing about greater efficiency, and combining this with improved outcomes for patients. Provision of mariyam dawood group health care can be daunting at the present climate, yet this area is in the lead in using the power of innovation to create the provision both cheaper, and more effective.